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Theatr Bara Caws, March 2023

Theatr Bara Caws presents

Cariad yn Oes y Gin

A dark comedy about the experiences of a couple of young, charismatic rabble-rousers; ambitious for better prospects and longing for change in their lives.

We follow their journey from their home in rural Wales to the centre of St. Giles in the 'underbelly' of London, to seek their fortune in the city’s ‘Gin Craze’.

"This is a comedy about freedom. We ask the question: how far should we go to demand freedom, and do we have the right to block other people's freedom? During a time of confinement, limitations and loss, we all test and examine our relationship with freedom, and ask who deserves freedom...and who doesn't?" (Chris Harris).

Cast: Siôn Emyr and Mali O’Donnell
Directed by: Betsan Llwyd
Music: Mari Mathias

Touring Wales from January - March 2023.

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