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Created by Chris Harris & Eliot Moleba

“…This is North Sag – home of the Sagog people. It’s disappearing to the sea. Tomorrow, we have to leave North Sag forever. So tonight, we’ve come together to record our story for you. This is ‘The Atlantis Project’…”


An exciting and thought-provoking audio series for ages 11+. Created as an international collaboration between artists in Wales and Norway, we uncover the effects of climate change on culture through the adventurous and heart-warming story of Evie and Deean - two teenagers who invite us into their world of friendship, crisis and acceptance.

Available on demand at:

Voices | Roanna Lewis & Chris Harris

Sound Designer and Engineer | Barnaby Southgate

Music | Michael Robert-Lowe

This project was made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales’s National Lottery Fund and generously supported by Theatrau Sir Gar and Open Drama UK.

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