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R&D Blackwood Miners Institute, June 2021
There's a lot going on outside the valleys town of Tremyglyd in 1960, but its citizens are self-reliant, and need nobody else!

In fact, Alan Elis has bigger problems. No one thinks he'll amount to much, especially as he doesn't breathe a word to anyone, and listenes to historical speeches all day long.

But re-instating the canteen's famous cottage pie by standing up to the Conservative Board Members makes Alan somewhat of a local hero. Before long, Alan will be at the centre of a feud between his fellow steelworkers, his young crush, and a West German businessman. No one thinks he would be responsible for seeing that his community doesn't transform into the setting for a nuclear holocaust.

‘Trwbwl Mawr yn Tremyglyd’ is a black comedy with songs about industry, community, cottage pie and nuclear weapons. In a world of fake news, social media and crisis, who exactly are we listening to?


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