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An Epic Community Tale of Cottage Pie and Nuclear Weapons

Music | Mari Mathias
Design | Cory Shipp
Movement | Laura Meaton

Produced by Blackwood Miners Institute & funded by Arts Council of Wales
This is Tremyglyd, a fictional town somewhere in Wales. The year is 1960; a year of Conservative government, the swinging sixties and the Cold War erupting over Europe. We follow the story of Alan Elis – a shy, mute lad living in a community that thinks him dumb. Much to his father’s dismay, he is given an apprenticeship at the local Steelworks. Whilst leading his co-workers in a revolt against the Management Board over pay cuts and lack of cottage pie in the canteen, he gains self-confidence, gains his voice and the support of his fellow workers and community. But after the sale of the steelworks to a West German company, Alan watches as his small, simple town is transformed into a battleground threatened by nuclear holocaust

‘Trwbwl Mawr yn Tremyglyd’ is a black comedy with songs about industry, community, cottage pie and nuclear weapons, aksing: what makes a leader?

R&D Phase 1 | June 2021
R&D Phase 2 | October 2022
R&D Phase 3 | October 2023

Intended Production | 2025


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Photography | Marina Newth

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