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Touring Wales May - July 2023

Funded and supported by Theatrau Sir Gar and the Arts Council of Wales.

It’s 1348 in Pentreufargirec and a new chaos has come to town – Plague. God has betrayed the people, and a frenzy of finger-pointing, cat-hunting and heretic-burning has drowned the town in the toilet. But to stranger and quack Twm, everything is ripe for the picking. With people dying, there’s land to grab and a social ladder to climb. But with the Tax Collector trying to alter a hated reputation on his back, and a revolutionary manuer-seller spreading free-thinking amongst the working peasantry, even Twm will realise that the climb to power has its obstacles just ready to trip him up.


This is a mischievious, black (death) comedy in Welsh about those who gain from crisis, and those who empower change in the system. Very misbehaving in its storytelling, we welcome you to the Black Death – there’s nothing funnier.

Funded and supported by Theatrau Sir Gar & Arts Council of Wales.


Photography: Ray's Photos | Graphic: Guy Jarman

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