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A play for ages 11+, produced by Theatr Iolo

R&D 1 | September 2021

R&D 2 | Spring 2024

Directed by Jac Ifan Moore

Toby is eleven years old and wants to be the next Steven Spielberg. In his bedroom, and deep in his imagination, he’s always planning his next superhero blockbuster. He’s also living with eczema, but he’s not going to let those struggles interrupt work on his new movie, nor ruin his friendship with his new classmate Greta.

This is a solo performance for 11-12 year olds. On the cusp of teenage hood, it asks us to accept that what might be ‘normal’ for some people may not be normal for others.


Sometimes, learning to be comfortable in your own skin is a journey where the adventures can be bigger than the struggles!

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